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Testing, Analysis & Quality

Memry can meet any customer’s requirement with respect to process, final quality, and contract testing/analysis. Following is a list of the Memry core analytical services, with custom analyses regularly developed upon request.

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile testing
  • Fatigue testing
    • RBT (rotating beam testing)
    • 3-Point bend testing
    • 4-Point bend testing

Physical Properties

  • Chemical analysis
  • Compositional analysis
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Inclusion analysis
  • XRD (X-ray diffraction)

Transformation Temperature

  • DSC (differential scanning calorimetry)
  • BFR(bend and free recovery)
  • CLD (constant load dilatometry)


  • Digital light microscopy
  • SEM (scanning electron microscopy)
  • EDS (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy)
  • Automated precision measurement


  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Surface analysis and surface roughness
  • Mechanical and functional testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Customized test set-ups for measuring specific functional properties or operational stability

Quality is in our DNA

Memry is committed to consistently exceeding client expectations with respect to quality. The company’s quality management systems meet the family of standards laid down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and in particular ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, which sets quality measurement criteria for the design and development industry. ISO requires a company to document in detail, not only the quality systems in place, but how they been used consistently over time. Download our ISO certifications.

At Memry, quality is in our DNA. Our employees contribute to a culture of improvement—committing to the mission of developing state-of-the-art products, complying with regulatory and statutory requirements, making client needs their focus and pursuing professional development.