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Memry Expanding Bethel Headquarters for Complex Nitinol Component Production

Bethel, CT, June 25 2014: Memry Corporation, a leader in Nitinol manufacturing, is expanding their U.S. headquarters in Bethel, CT enhancing their precision manufacturing of Nitinol components for the medical device industry.

This expansion of an additional 15,000 SF and the related investments in new equipment and human resources will be an important step in strengthening and expanding Memry’s capabilities in manufacturing of advanced Nitinol components.

“This expansion is a strategic investment to maintain our leadership in the manufacturing of complex Nitinol components and address the growing needs of the medical device industry. We are excited by the perspective of creating an even more competitive offering to our customers and a state-of-the art building for our employees”, notes Nicola Di Bartolomeo, Memry, CEO.

“Bethel has provided an ideal home for our growing business. We currently employ 200+ employees possessing a wide variety of skills including process and product engineering, laser engineering, metallurgy, quality control, and skilled assembly. We are proud of the fact that 37% of our workforce has been with Memry for more than 10 years. This expansion will result in significant training and advancement opportunities for our current employee base and add more jobs over the coming years”, says Marcy Macdonald, VP Human Resources.

The facility is located in the Bethel Section of Berkshire Corporate Park; a 300 Acre corporate facility with over 1 Million square feet built to date. Berkshire Corporate Park is owned and operated by the Steiner Family. Steiner Incorporated will be managing all construction efforts, while Memry assists in the design, layout and décor. Completion of the building is expected in early 2015.

“Over the past 14 years, Memry Corporation has grown tremendously here in Berkshire Corporate Park. We are pleased to see the success of Memry Corporation and are proud to provide them with their Headquarters. Memry Corporation is an excellent business to have here in Berkshire Corporate Park.” says Roy Steiner, President of Berkshire Industrial Corporation.

About Memry:

Memry specializes in Nitinol, a specialty metal alloy of nickel and titanium with unique properties. With vertically integrated production, starting with the melting of the material, Memry offers a full portfolio of Nitinol products and technical know-how to support the medical device industry.

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