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Memry’s Nitinol wire supports the most complex of component designs requiring intricate geometric shapes. By fine-tuning the wire’s chemical composition and thermal processing, Memry has achieved wire with the flexibility and kink-resistance central to medical device applications, including stents, catheters, endodontic files, needles, trocars, mandrels, baskets, surgical instruments, snares and guidewires.
All wire manufactured by Memry is made from alloy certified to meet the ASTM F2063 standard making it suitable for use for medical devices and surgical implants.

Depending on the application, Memry can design wire so that it’s ready for -10ºC or 100ºC or anywhere in between. Clients specify their desired operating temperature and how the material should behave, and Memry can suggest the appropriate alloy required. Memry Nitinol wire is useful not just in superelastic applications, but for those that require thermal control, such as switches and actuators.

Memry wire is drawn from material that we’ve melted ourselves; this makes for superior planning and communication and allows us to be able to make wire from all available Nitinol alloy types.  A continuous flow of feedback between engineering teams reduces turnaround times for clients.

Memry also offers Strip, flat wire with rounded edges.  Strip starts out as wire, so it’s available in all the same alloy types and finishes as wire.

Nitinol wire is also available in our alloy Redox™

Memry can offer wire cut to a specific length, with or without radiused ends. The wire can also be made with a square or rectangular shape, or we can offer wire made with multiple strands.
  • Diameter
    • Ø0.001" (25.4 µm) to 0.185" (4.7 mm)
  • Surface Finishes
    • Soft black oxide (chalky texture)
    • Hard black oxide
    • Oxide free (chemical etch)
    • Oxide free polished (chem etch + mechanical polish)
    • Amber oxide
  • Strip
    • Width: 0.012” (0.305 mm) to 0.200” (5.08)
    • Thickness: 0.003” (76.2 µm) to 0.040” (1.016 mm)
  • Spool Types
    • Standard Weld Wire
    • DIN 100
    • DIN 125
    • DIN 355
    • Other customer defined spools available