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Nitinol Sheet

Memry offers Nitinol in sheet form to broaden opportunities for designers working with Nitinol. Working with a flat substrate enables rapid production of small components nested within a sheet or the ability to create large and unique structures that are not possible when starting with wire or tubing.
Nitinol sheet can be made in any alloy, with a variety of options to tailor the material to the designers need.  Sheet is also offered in Redox™, our superelastic material with improved cleanliness.

Nitinol sheet is ideal for laser cutting or electro discharge machining (EDM).  Photo-etching and stamping are also common methods for producing components from Nitinol sheet.
  • Typical Alloys and nominal active Af
    • As(f.a.) -25C ± 10C, active Af 0C
    • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C (most common), Active Af +5C
    • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C Redox, Active Af +5C
    • As(f.a.) +20C ± 15C, Active Af +28C
    • As(f.a.) +65C ± 20C, Active Af +70C
    • As(f.a.) +95C ± 5C, Active Af > +80C
  • Condition
    • Flat annealed (superelastic or shape memory depending on alloy)
    • Cold worked upon special request
  • Thickness – 0.003” (0.076mm) to 0.098” (2.5mm)
  • Width – up to 3.5” (90mm) with larger sizes upon request
  • Length – up to 20” (500mm)
  • Surface finishes
    • Oxide (special request)
    • Etched
    • Flat ground 0.059” (1.5mm) and larger