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Nitinol is a tough, complex material—known for its resistance to tooling and for frustrating attempts to process it with consistency. Experienced engineers, many with Memry for more than a decade, are skilled at—and dedicated to—overcoming these obstacles.

The Memry production capability consists of a carefully considered menu of fabrication, finishing, testing and quality processes that together deliver the highest quality components in the marketplace. Sophistication is required to preserve a desired quality in nitinol as it proceeds througha series of processes, balancing the effect of temperature on the material’s chemistry against what each process needs to achieve. 

Whether the nitinol is designed to provide superelasticity or shape memory, and whether it starts the process cold worked or straightened, we work daily to fine-tune our processes for greater consistency and lower cost.

Achieving synergies

By combining in-house nitinol fabrication and finishing techniques with quality management systems under one company roof, Memry maintains a degree of control and transparency surrounding its products that companies which sub-contract various operations cannot match. We coordinate them all for a superior level of customer care.

Our expertise in melting and materials science achieves synergy with component production as overlapping expertise shortcuts design iterations.

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