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Melting—Superior Control for Alloys & Superalloys

Memry’s nitinol capabilities proceed from our primary melting and mill products manufacturing center in New Hartford, New York, where our engineers melt nitinol alloys into ingots ranging from 30 to 4000 pounds. Decades of melting experience translate into a wider choice of alloys, as well as greater quality control and design freedom.

Memry is among the largest melters of nitinol, but also the most highly specialized when it comes to test melts of experimental alloys and superalloys. We also convert superalloys to a wide range of mill products.

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Combining the power of VIM + VAR technologies

We have extraordinary depth and expertise in both vacuum induction melting (VIM) and vacuum arc remelting (VAR). Our VIM-VAR approach to melting nitinol maximizes purity and homogeneity.

While some properties of VIM and VAR are common to all companies, the Memry process varies widely from the norm, with decades of proprietary adjustments in the hardware and process elements setting the end product apart. Few in the world can match our consistently precise melting capability, and fewer still with so many alloys.

We have achieved precision control of the chemistry of nitinol to the point that our engineering team can predict how small changes in composition will change nitinol’s properties (e.g., superelasticity) as temperature changes. Melting methods are chosen to deliver not just purity, but uniformity within a batch and between batches.