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Nitinol Tube

Memry has been drawing tube since 1992. We can quickly deliver nitinol tube with a variety of finishes and in a wide range of sizes. This includes very small hypotubes and large diameter tubes, both used in laser cut components. State of the art equipment allows us to target tight tolerances.

The company’s unique and proprietary process makes for tubing with optimal flexibility, kink-resistance, a low permanent set and high loading/unloading plateau stresses.

To service the most demanding applications, Memry has steadily increased the sophistication with which it can draw and process nitinol tube.

A proven track record + an innovative approach

The engineering team has established itself in recent years by supplying customized nitinol tubing for a number of devices that are now on the market. We are also providing tubing for a range of next-generation devices currently under design.

Our tubing specifications below are proven reference points, not design limits. We are always eager to discuss specifications for new applications.

Nitinol is also available in a new alloy, Redox™.

Memry nitinol tube specifications

Alloy types

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Superelastic - BB


Straight Superelastic

Size Diameter: 0.007" (.178mm) ID to 0.394" (10mm) OD

Surface finishes

  • Dark Oxide
  • Drawn Bright
  • Centerless Ground
  • Acid Cleaned (ID/OD)

Nominal As (fully annealed)

-25 to -5ºC

Typical loading plateau stress
@ 3% strain, in Austenite

400 – 550 MPa (60 – 80 ksi)

Typical ultimate tensile strength
in Austenite

1100– 1390 MPa (160– 200 ksi)

Min. elongation to failure in Austenite

> 10%