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Nitinol Strip

Memry offers nitinol strip because it behaves differently than nitinol wire in specific ways, providing unusual design characteristics while maintaining all the capabilities of wire.

Our continuous length strip is available in fully annealed or superelastic conditions, which work exceptionally well in stamping, forming, and other secondary operations where the unique cross-sectional differences between strip and wire provide benefits to our customers.

Our strip is manufactured to meet rigorous alloy composition, mechanical and dimensional specifications.

Nitinol is also available in a new alloy, Redox™.

Memry nitinol strip specifications


  • Superelastic/stand annealed
  • Fully annealed
  • As drawn

(The minimum and maximum thicknesses below were calculated
based on a starting round wire of no more than 0.100 inches)

  • Minimum thickness 0.003"
  • Maximum thickness 0.040"
  • Minimum width 0.017"
  • Maximum width 0.200"

Thickness to Width Ratio

  • 2 to 25

Surface Finishes

  • Residual black oxide
  • Hard black oxide (cleaner shiny finish)
  • Oxide free (bright to gray matte finish achieved by acid removal)
  • Amber oxide (light straw to dark golden color finish)