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Material—Produced with Agility & Consistency

Materials science, along with the invention, development and production of shape memory alloys, is a core competency at Memry, and one which we are committed to deepening.

Our traction with the chemistry of raw materials—nitinol alloys and superalloys as well as mill products—translates into an agile production capability in semi-finished forms.

Nitinol tube

Memry has been drawing tube since 1992. We can quickly deliver nitinol tube with a variety of finishes and in a wide range of sizes. That includes the very small, such as hypotubes, which are growing in demand among designers of advanced interventional products. Read more about our tube.

Nitinol wire

Memry’s superelastic nitinol wire supports the most complex of component designs requiring intricate geometric shapes. By fine-tuning the wire’s chemical composition and thermal processing, Memry has achieved wire with the flexibility and kink-resistance central to medical device application. Read more about our wire.

Nitinol sheet

Memry offers nitinol in sheet form because it creates additional design opportunities. Unlike wire and tube, sheet is a two-dimensional structure, which overcomes a set of design obstacles. Furthermore, a flat sheet enables designers to perform operations that cannot be done on wire or tube, like stamping, punching and deep drawing. Read more about our sheet.

Nitinol strip

Memry offers nitinol strip because it behaves differently than nitinol wire in specific ways, providing unusual design characteristics. Memry’s continuous length strip is available in cold worked or fully superelastic conditions. It is manufactured to meet rigid alloy composition, mechanical and dimensional specifications, and has all of the properties and capabilities of nitinol wire in strip form. Read more about our strip.