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How We Work

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At Memry, we work with customers to bring concepts to life through
the prototyping and manufacturing of fabricated nitinol components.

Our process can be broken down into four simple steps

  1. Discuss the initial idea and concept
  2. Proof of concept through prototyping
  3. Guide to a cost-effective manufacturing process
  4. Scale up through serial production

How We Work 1

DISCUSS initial idea and concept

Our engineers bring decades of nitinol experience to every project, providing valuable insight on how the material reacts in real-world conditions. These initial discussions will translate into time savings and cost effectiveness for your component project. Let the Memry experts assist you in selecting the right path to your precision component, manufactured from raw nitinol wire, tube, strip or sheet.

How We Work 2

PROOF of concept through prototyping

At this stage, your component leaves the design board and becomes tangible, taking form as a prototype. Our dedicated nitinol R&D team provides a first look at the manufacturability of your device, providing details into cost, feasibility and quality. Memry’s know-how will once again lower costs and save time by reducing the number of prototype iteration steps, getting it right quickly and efficiently to keep your project on-track.

How We Work 3

GUIDE to cost-effective manufacturing process

Memry has over 20 years of experience manufacturing nitinol components, and that history allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive insight into the processes involved. We guide customers through requirements in areas such as dimensional tolerances and surface finishing, and advise on the correlation between manufacturing costs and the applicable quality standards. We offer small run prototype services to high volume manufacturing, including semi and full automation.

How We Work 4

SCALE up through serial production

We understand that every project has different expectations for volume, and at Memry we can accommodate all requests. Let us advise you on the most efficient way to produce at your projected volumes. Memry is vertically integrated, providing nitinol from its very start – the melt. This unique position gives us control over the entire supply chain that is required to produce your nitinol component and adds to the overall quality at all steps.