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Products & Services—from melt to market®

Memry has more than 25 years of recognized leadership in development of superelastic and shape memory alloys, as well as the production of nitinol as raw material, semi-finished forms (wire, sheet, strip and tubing) and fabricated components such as wire stents, laser cut components and micro-coils.

Memry provides nitinol melting, a complete range of nitinol component fabrication and finishing, and engineer-to-engineer support at the prototyping stage. The company’s “melt to market” approach means in-house control of products and services from start to finish, with faster process improvements, reduced cycle times and greater flexibility in the face of design and manufacturing challenges.

Nitinol +

We have successfully proven the capability to add alloy elements to the traditional binary nitinol. The most recent ternary alloy we developed is NiTiCo, a nickel-titanium-cobalt custom alloy that blends the mechanical properties of stainless steel and nitinol. NiTiCo has superelasticity equivalent to nitinol, but with a 35 percent increase in plateau stress (i.e., “stiffness”) important to evolving medical applications.

Nitinol is also available in a new alloy, Redox™, which offers significantly reduced inclusion size and volume.

Expertise across material shapes has enabled Memry to build more complex components, in some cases by applying manufacturing processes to nitinol not before used in the industry. For medical applications, we regularly produce components for devices with complex geometries.

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