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A Study of the Properties of a High Temperature Binary Alloy Above and Below its Martensite To Austenite Transformation Temperature

Dennis W. Norwich, P.E.; SAES Memry Corporation, Bethel, CT; SMST-2010, Pacific Grove, California, 2010.

High temperature Nitinol alloys provide a challenge to end users of the material because they are martensitic and soft at room temperature. These are commonly referred to as Shape Memory alloys as they revert to their superelastic (pseudoelastic) form and austenitic structure at a temperature above ambient. For this study, a NiTi wire, Ti-55.3 wt %Ni in composition (Alloy-B) and heat treated to an Af _ 60°C was used. Tensile testing was performed to fully characterize the performance of the material at a series of temperatures above and below its transformation temperature. This paper will summarize the properties of the material along with the affects of multiple strains on key material performance characteristics…. Download the entire paper.