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The Role Of Alkaline Cleaning Solutions And CL-Containing Lubricants On Pitting Corrosion In NiTi Alloys

P.H. Adler, S. Herreria, G. Kostur, S. Carpenter, P. Poncet, M.Wu; Memry Corporation, Bethel, CT; W. DiScipio; PercuSurge, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. Published in Proceedings, SMST-2003, Pacific Grove, California, p.385, 2003.

Alkaline cleaning agents are found to react with remnant manufacturing lubricants trapped in surface defects of a NiTi alloy to form Cl-based salts. These sub-surface “reservoirs” may act as nucleation sites for pitting corrosion either latent under ambient conditions, or on exposure to a limited range of high temperatures used to impart pseudoelastic properties in these alloys as part of normal processing…. Download the entire paper.