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Nitinol Medical Device Design Considerations

Philippe P. Poncet; MEMRY Corporation, Menlo Park, CA. Published in Proceedings, SMST-2000, Pacific Grove, California, p.441, 2000.

Since the late 1980’s, Nitinol has been increasingly utilized in a variety of medical devices and, in some cases, has become one of the materials of choice for many designers and engineers. From surgical devices to endoluminal stents and other prosthesis, the material’s thermo-mechanical characteristics and its biocompatibility has allowed its use across many medical and surgical specialties both on the diagnostics and therapeutics sides. Nitinol’s non-linear behavior and thermal dependency are presenting a variety of design challenges that are further enhanced by the material processing complexity. Clear definitions and understanding of the final medical product performance requirements will assist the designers in selecting the right material condition for the application but also in defining the right testing and validation protocols. This paper lists a few design and processing guidelines when it comes to evaluating nitinol as a material candidate for a medical device application…. Download the entire paper.