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NiTiNb Plugs for Sealing High Pressure Fuel Passage in Fuel Injector Applications

Tony Wu, Diesel Technology Company, Kentwood, Michigan; Ming H. Wu, Memry Corporation, Brookfield, CT. Proceedings, International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST-2000), Pacific Grove, California, p.235, 2000.

A typical heavy-duty diesel fuel injector comprises of a solenoid control valve, a plunger cylinder and a fuel passage linking the first two elements…. Conventional sealing [of the fuel passage] method utilizing a brazed steel plug often fails under prolonged exposure to extreme cyclical pressures. The present paper describes an alternate sealing method utilizing a heat-to-recover NiTiNb plug that offers a more reliable seal and can be installed at much lower temperatures than a brazed steel plug…. Download the entire paper.