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Issues in the Further Development of Nitinol Properties And Processing for Medical Device Applications

L. McD. Schetky and M.H. Wu; Memry Corporation, Bethel, CT. Published in Proceedings, ASM Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference, Anaheim, p.271, 2003.

Binary Nickel-Titanium is currently a material of choice for many medical devices but there are challenges in fabricating the alloy to the required shape and surface finish. In addition, the properties of the binary are in need of improvement, particularly in the area of radiopacity, superelastic performance and fatigue strength. Alloy developments as well as new approaches to improve properties and fabrication techniques will be discussed as they relate to a variety of devices. The emerging field of MEMS will be reviewed with thoughts on future applications in implantable drug delivery systems…. Download the entire paper.