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Fabrication Process and Characterization of NiTi Wires for Actuators.

Authors: Ausonio Tuissi and Paola Bassani, National Research Council, Institute for Energetics and Interphases, CNR-IENI Leccom Lecco, Italy; Andrea Mangioni and Luca Toia, SAES Getters, Lainate (Mi), Italy; Francesco Butera, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Orbassano (To), Italy; 2004.

A production route of NiTi wire with shape memory effect has been experimented on laboratory equipment and transferred to pilot scale. Technological aspects of vacuum induction melting, hot and cold working operations have been reported. The material has been characterized throughout the production steps by DSC, stress-strain, fatigue and thermo-mechanical measurements.

The process has been optimized for long life applications with particular focus on stabilization of functional properties over lifetime. Preliminary characterization of actuators using shape memory alloy wires deriving from the experimented production route have been carried out…. Read the entire paper.