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Characterization of Inclusions in VIM/VAR NiTi Alloys

A. Coda, S. Zilio, D. Norwich & F. Sczerzenie

Submitted March 16, 2012; in revised form August 1, 2012

Inclusions content is important for the mechanical behavior and performances of NiTi-based products particularly in fatigue-rated devices. Higher inclusions content has been correlated to reductions in transformation temperatures and strain recovery under mechanical or thermo-mechanical cycling.  Moreover, most fatigue fractures show inclusions at the initiation site. However, there is a general lack of information on the nature and characteristics of such inclusions, especially those typically recognized as intermetallics oxides. In this study, the common scanning electron microscopy technique has been used to investigate the chemistry and morphology of inclusions in commercial standard VIM/VAR binary NiTi alloys. The defined experimental procedure, results, and their significance will be presented and discussed. Download the Full Article here.