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Applications of Superelastic Nitinol Tubing

Phillipe P. Poncet, MEMRY Corporation, Menlo Park, CA. Proceedings, SMST-94, Pacific Grove, California, (1994).

The first pieces of Nitinol tubing were manufactured by Raychem Corporation of Menlo Park, California and made their first commercial appearance in 1991 in a laparoscopic set of steerable medical devices co-developed by Raychem and U.S surgical (AutoSuture Endo-Roticulators). Since then, the applications have replicated and have reached unprecedented levels that are still increasing today. By a large majority and due to its unique properties and biocompatibility, nitinol tubing has seen its strongest proponents among the designers of less invasive medical devices as its elevated price tag has limited its entry in mainstream industrial or commercial applications…. Download the entire paper.