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We issue press releases in the case of partnership announcements, technological breakthroughs, new product or service offerings, major capability expansions, etc. Click on any of the headlines below to view the entire press release.

New Hardford, NY, June 2015: We recently updated our web site with two new White Papers.  One explores the Effect of Alloy Formulation, Inclusions Content and Cold Work on Void Formation in NiTi Alloys and the other looks at the Structure and Properties of Large Diameter Hot Rolled NiTi Bars for Seismic Applications.

Both White Papers can be found here

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Bethel, CT, June 25 2014: Memry Corporation, a leader in Nitinol manufacturing, is expanding their U.S. headquarters in Bethel, CT enhancing their precision manufacturing of Nitinol components for the medical device industry.

This expansion of an additional 15,000 SF and the related investments in new equipment and human resources will be an important step in strengthening and expanding Memry’s capabilities in manufacturing of advanced Nitinol components.

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Memry is pleased to introduce Redox™, a newly developed nitinol alloy that exhibits reduced oxide area as well as inclusion particle size.  This alloy answers the industry’s ever-increasing design challenges pertaining to microcleanliness.  Redox offers significant improvements over the standard SAES/Memry nitinol alloys and conforms to the ASTM F 2063 standard for maximum...

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Milan, June 27, 2012

The agreement provides for the acquisition, as at today, of 20% of Memry GmbH’s shares for a consideration of €0.5 million, to be paid by July 15, and states that the remaining 20% will be purchased by February 2013 at the same price of €0.5 million, or by the first half 2014, at a price related to the difference between the sales of 2013 and of 2011 and in any case for a final amount that will be not less than €375 thousand....

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Milan, July 5, 2011

Joint venture between SAES Getters and Alfmeier Präzision AG in the field of actuators based on SMA technology...

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For immediate release: February 4, 2011.

Bethel, Conn. – Matthias Mertmann, Ph.D., managing director of Memry Gmbh, the European unit of Memry Corporation, has been elected vice president and chief financial officer of the International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST). Mertmann began serving a two-year term on Jan. 1, 2011.

In keeping with STSM bylaws, at the end of his term, Mertmann will become president of the...

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