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Memry: nitinol +

Memry is a global leader in the invention and development of nitinol alloys and other superelastic and shape memory alloys, and the manufacture of nitinol semi-finished forms and fabricated components.

With “melt to market” capabilities under one company roof, we provide customers in the medical device and industrial industries the opportunity to partner with us on one or all aspects of their component design. As we have fine-tuned the unique properties of nitinol over many years, we have become a true knowledge company, developing solutions in active collaboration with customers.

Start here. End anywhere.

We designed our business model to feature a full suite of capabilities; they are vertically integrated for “melt to market” strength. But ours is also an open model: while we invite you to work with us from start to finish, we would never lock you into a step or process that might be better handled elsewhere.

Starting: at the very beginning

Our expert ability to melt nitinol alloys sets us apart from the world’s largest nitinol companies. Our melting team has unique experience making the minute adjustments in formula and processing that result in a superior nitinol product for your design. Read more about our melting and mill products as well as the semi-finished materials we produce.

Components: innovation + experience

Your ideas deserve not just enthusiastic support but also real-world vetting for manufacturabilty and profitability. We deliver both, for a greater chance that you’ll deliver a breakthrough destined for market success. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals; and to that end we welcome a continuous flow of engineer-to-engineer communication. Read more about our components.

Production: consolidated, coordinated, streamlined

We’ve built our production capabilities with careful attention to accurate specifications, state-of-the-art equipment, consistent manufacturing processes, ongoing testing and analysis and rigorous quality standards. This is the point where time and budget matter above all. Read more about our broad portfolio of production capabilities. You can also learn more about our testing, analysis and quality.

Vital statistics

Memry was founded in 1983. We now combine the former SAES Memry, SAES Smart Materials and Memry GmbH companies, and continue to tap the expertise of parent company SAES Getters to deliver the next-generation device solutions our customers expect. Read more about our history.

We employ more than 300 employees at our four manufacturing sites and in our corporate offices in Bethel, CT. Read more about our facilities.

What’s the + you’re looking for?

Let’s get started. We’re eager to begin the dialogue. We invite you to contact us.